Q: What is the most important thing to learn in school?

A: Learn to love the process of learning. Unfortunately, somewhere between elementary school and college, most students are turned off from school and learning becomes a chore. This is sad because learning is the most natural part of life. It is also the most critical skill needed to survive the workplace. While in school, learn how to make learning fun. Find ways to keep it exciting and challenging. You will use this skill throughout your life. While others choose to avoid learning new things, you will be constantly improving your knowledge and skills. While others fear being made obsolete by new graduates with state of the art skills in your field, you will be the person who has kept up with the latest technology and gathered the experience to use it wisely. People who love to learn become the architects of progress within their companies. Through them, new ideas and practices enter the organization. Their managers look to them as oracles of the future. What a wonderful position to be in. Do yourself a favor and cultivate a lifelong love of learning. Be like an explorer discovering long lost artifacts, the cure for cancer, or the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Develop a passion for the unknown.

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