Q: How does MAES support students pursuing graduate studies?

A: MAES supports students in graduate school through several means. The GRE Waiver Program supports students financially by covering the fee to take the Graduate Record Exam. At the annual MAES symposium and career fair, graduate and undergraduate students are able to present research and compete for $10,000 in scholarships that are distributed to the students with the best papers and posters. During the symposium, a graduate school fair helps potential graduate students meet with recruiters from top science and engineering graduate schools across the nation. Also during the symposium, a graduate school panel discussion invites students to pose questions for immediate feedback. The panel discussion is a live version of the Ask Dr. MAES forum. Students who are unable to attend the panel discussion at the symposium are welcome to send questions to Ask Dr. MAES. MAES also maintains a list of potential coaches and mentors for undergraduate and graduate students. Students may request a connection at any time by writing to a member of the MAES Outreach Committee.

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