Q: How much does graduate school cost?

A: One of the biggest misconceptions shared among undergraduate science and engineering students is that graduate school is expensive. Welcome to the greatest secret in higher education. While others rack up bills going to medical, dental, business, or law school, an engineering or science graduate student just might be depositing money into an IRA. Professional schools can charge huge tuition because there are far more pre-med students than there are places for them to study. It is a classic supply and demand problem. Liberal arts graduate programs have no money. Companies spend money on things that make them money and most things that make money come out of science and engineering. Right now, there are not enough students in science and engineering to use up all the money that the government and industry want to spend solving technical problems. The result is that graduate programs in science and engineering fully support graduate students with full tuition and living stipend. If you want to go to graduate school, all it takes is desire and dedication. Leave your checkbook behind.