Student Mentoring

I have been mentoring Hispanic college students studying science and engineering for 15 years. Students are welcome to reach out.

Areas of Expertise

  • Finding the career that ignites your passion.
  • Getting into college
  • Surviving undergrad
  • Getting into graduate school
  • Surviving grad school
  • Opportunity coaching – Creating opportunities for yourself and others.
  • Innovation – I am a practitioner of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). TRIZ is a sets of tools that helps people become more creative at solving technical problems. It started with a detailed study of patents that showed that most innovative ideas can be categorized in one of 40 basics principles.
  • Lean Process Improvement – Many companies are talking about Lean and Six Sigma. I’m a certified black belt in Lean Six Sigma. I coach people in this area to help them understand what Lean is and how they can use it in their professional and personal lives.

Mentoring Posts

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