Roots of Lean

Today and tomorrow, I have the pleasure of taking part in a Lean Six Sigma summit being hosted by our corporation. One of today’s presenters was Mike Micklewright. He posed many challenging and introspective questions to our lean champions. One of his best points was that lean is not about copying Toyota and rolling out … Continue reading Roots of Lean

Lean in Science

Originally published on Mark Graban's Lean Blog in 2007. Lean in Science. Cookie cutters are really good at cutting cookies, but you can't bake a cake with them. This is my general attitude towards the tools-based approach to Lean. For the past couple years, I've been involved in an interesting Lean transformation. We're trying to … Continue reading Lean in Science

Psychology & Lean

Originally published on Mark Graban's Lean Blog in 2007. Extraversion or introversion. How do those personality traits figure into a Lean implementation? I have seen very event driven implementations of Lean. There are Kaizen blitzes, Value Stream Mappings, 6S events, and others. I think it is safe to say that extraverts have an easier time … Continue reading Psychology & Lean

More NPR Stories about Toyota

Yesterday and today, NPR’s Morning Edition had two short stories about Toyota. Yesterday, they highlighted the Georgetown Plant. Listen Here. Today’s story was an interview with Toyota US President, Jim Press. Listen Here.