How much does graduate school cost?

Q: How much does graduate school cost?

A: One of the biggest misconceptions shared among undergraduate science and engineering students is that graduate school is expensive. Welcome to the greatest secret in higher education. While others rack up bills going to medical, dental, business, or law school, an engineering or science graduate student just might be depositing money into an IRA. Professional schools can charge huge tuition because there are far more pre-med students than there are places for them to study. It is a classic supply and demand problem. Liberal arts graduate programs have no money. Companies spend money on things that make them money and most things that make money come out of science and engineering. Right now, there are not enough students in science and engineering to use up all the money that the government and industry want to spend solving technical problems. The result is that graduate programs in science and engineering fully support graduate students with full tuition and living stipend. If you want to go to graduate school, all it takes is desire and dedication. Leave your checkbook behind.

Easy Computer Buying Worksheet

I give a lot of computer buying advice. Usually it’s a friend or relative sending me a link asking if this or that computer is okay. Sometimes I’ll get a request to “tell me if you find any good deals.” I’ve been doing this for 25 years now and the process I go through is pretty much the same for everyone…so here it is! Follow this worksheet to figure out what kind of computer to buy. Continue reading

Computer Setup Checklist

When I setup a new computer, I go through a process of downloading and installing certain programs to make the system more secure when I surf the Internet. These programs won’t make your computer into a Fort Knox against viruses, but they will definitely raise your defenses higher than most people. In short, I make sure my operating system is updated, install five programs, and then make a few changes to my browser.

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Computing summer camp using the Young Person’s Guide to Arduino was a huge success!!

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the delayed response. We only just recently finished up our summer camps, and I was waiting for feedback from our teachers about how the Arduino/Avocado lessons went. So far, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the lessons. Everything was nicely paced with your book, and they even left enough room for the students to customize the simple codes to create their own things.

The only downside of everything was when all 20 students found out about the buzzers and had them all going off at the same time. But this is to be expected with a class full of young students. haha.

Thank you so much for allowing us to use your lessons with your amazing Avocado product. Since we received good reviews from teachers and parents about them, we will try to continue using them for future camps.